Girls Empowered to Write Literature


Every girl has a story. When she knows her story, she finds her voice. When she finds her voice, she's equipped to change the world!



What do we do?


We help girls find their voices through writing. Girls will learn that they matter as they use the pen to create. Through writing, journaling, music, and the arts, the lives of girls will be changed. 

When will we meet?


Girls will meet one Saturday a month.


What does this mean for the girl(s) in your life?


  • Better writing and reading skills

  • Skills to manage emotions

  • Preparation for college and career


Girls who participate in the program will:


  • Participate in fun arts projects (creative writing, theater, and poetry)

  • Find their voices through literacy

  • Learn fun ways to journal 

  • Learn to collaborate

  • Build new friendships

  • Work with organizations around the Kansas City area

  • Attend field trips to theaters, museums, and events around Kansas City

Calling girls in grades 4-8!
Want to join us?
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