Let's take a field trip...from home!

Photo by kolibri5

Are the kids in need of a field trip? Is it for science, or do they need to learn about animals? Have no fear! Your kids can take a virtual field trip. What’s a virtual field trip you ask? It’s a field trip online. There are so many sites where they can be observers of zoo animals. they can look at constellations and even tour museums in the US and other countries. Usually, by typing the words “virtual field trip” in Google you get a good amount of links. If you don’t feel like googling the field trips, you can use mine below. I'm adding some that I found to be pretty interesting.

Choose your adventure from these sites with multi-links:

1. Discovery Education - On this site, you can use the “filter” option to find subjects you’re interested in. There are ideas for sports, STEM, financial literacy and even agriculture. Choose your topic and begin the research. There are free tours and paid tours.

2. PBS learning online - On this site, you are the teacher. You can log in with your Gmail account. Then, create a class (select “classes” in the top right corner, under your name). You can assign pre-made lessons with interactive questions, to your kids. You can also search “virtual field trips” and take educational trips to many places!

3. The Today Show - This link has several virtual field trip links. Take trips to the zoo, museums, and parks. I really like the San Francisco Modern Museum of Art under the “Art Thinks” link. There are questions that accompany the art, so kids learn to analyze and discuss art.

Feeling adventurous? Just begins searching Google with these helpful search words. Remember to add the words “virtual field trip” to your search. I would suggest being specific: like choosing the state that the zoo is in, or using the name of the country you want to visit.

  • Museums

  • Zoos

  • National Parks

  • Countries

I hope these ideas will get you and your kids started on research and learning more about the world. Best wishes for another week of teaching at home!